by Lexx Black

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Shades of Black is moody, brooding, and phantasmic yet, conversely sprinkled with optimism, slight bravado and honesty which penetrates the subconscious wavelength.

P.S.- Reach for the stars! .....Oh...And Lexx Black IS Dante Flash!!


released January 21, 2012

All Songs written by Lexx Black

Additional writing ( the chours) for "Cloud.Surfin' " appears courtesy of S4G member Trumaine Lamar

Production by: Dante Flash (Tracks 1-6 & 9), Thelonius Martin (Track 7), and Puzzle Productions (Track 8)

This mixtape is presented by School For The Gifted a/k/a S4G

I wouldn't have been able to do this without God. Plain and simple.



all rights reserved


Lexx Black Boston, Massachusetts

My bio truly exists through my music. I am not necessarily one to let the music persona dictate my true personality because my true personality is IN my music. I sincerely implore you to listen to the music and judge for yourself what my bio is.

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Track Name: Eye.Introduce
Staring out my window, on a stormy night

Love over everything other shit is meaningless
The world is a ball and its spinning on my fingertips
God put me here to show my enemies I'm spirited
Stab the devil in his heart with his own pitchfork and I gotta twist

I know I'm sick,

My passion is unlimited its growing by the minute like the deficit
And every stipulation that's a part of it's a harbinger of negative
I need substance, I do this for the music for the art of it , the heart of it, I'm part of this...

Thing we call life, and what an opportunity to show,
The opposite to ignorance to influence an increasingly growing population of intellectual thinkers and wonderful truth seekers

Now we settin the bar, higher than we can think of
Reaching beyond the stars, galaxies we ain't dream of
This is the black print that took a while for me to scheme up
No Genie picked this G up so I had to be a genius and turn the ears you used to listen into loud speakers, hello?

Do you hear me now?
This the beautiful mind of a severely odd thinker.
Mind over matter, Joy over pain, wisdom over lies, put the sun over the rain
Umbrella over your head in case it downpours for days

Understand where darkness lurks light will shine again
Just cause you trembling and afraid, that doesn't mean that you are not brave---heart
Hark, where art thou? The question that I get, but my dreams are in the clouds

I do not pay attention to this fake shit on the ground, what for?
Cause all it does is hold me down I wanna move up more,
Through the third and the second to the first floor

So my kids kids kids dont have to work for it.
Track Name: Tribal.Fires
The Fires are tribal
We Fight for survival
We pray to the heavens
To recieve our revival



Tonight, is the night
Of the fire baby
I'm gon' lose control

The scars and tears won't hide my pain
Its alright, its alright
Why should I worry here
Time to let it go

I've got to let it go now

We watch the rain fall down
We watch the rain fall down

We burnin' (x7)

We watch the rain fall down
We watch the rain fall down

We burnin' (x7)

Verse 2
Inner match
Igniting the flames
Igniting the passion
Igniting the rage

Fire burnin' ablaze upon this fire I gaze
I am seeing the fire in the rain
The whole village out, and partying like a rave
They cry and they yell,
The drug is the pain release is the aim

Forgetting for the moment the dance is euphoric
They feel it and the know it
They moving with emotion
Bloodshed and war, the struggles of being poor aint part of the discussion

Its just movement
Just the souls the fire and the music

And through the night we dance till we tired
But nevermind the fatigue we still wired
And ima reach for stars till i retire
Love on the line pray to god and reach higher.

Track Name: SHE (Her.Beautiful.Hue)
Verse 1

Do you see me?
I'm sayin' you're my girl
You're my lover
And I would give you the world

I just wanna tell you that I'm ready to give in
Girl you got me baby, you got me baby
And ive been on your mind, I can tell its time
I can tell its time
I got you baby, I got you baby

But Do you see me?
I'm sayin' you're my girl
You're my lover
And I would give you the world


(background vocals) - Her beautiful Hue
(main vocals) Baby this insane, you're the only one thats on my brain

(BV) You're beautiful girl

(MV) You're my love supreme, the kind of woman from a dream
(repeat x1)

Shes the only reason that I've come this far (x 2)

Verse 2

Poetry in motion baby you're a work of art
Come here let me put this cupid arrow through your heart
You and I are animals in heat so when we start
There's no stopping till its finished look at everything you are

Picture of imperfection, and look at all these flaws
You're perfect in a sense
Don't retract them claws
Put the on my body
You can leave a mark, said your writing's on my heart
Take this key and turn it on

And there is a genius
Hidden in the kitten ( yes)
Girl you think I'm kidding?
Cant you tell im interest-ed
You're the best part of me
Love bug got me feeling like im bout to OD

I know what you're looking for you aint gotta tell me
Lets conquer the universe, get high of the energy let it ride like....

Repeat the Hook to end
Track Name: Lexx Black ft Trumaine Lamar - Cloud.Surfin'
Verse 1

Carefree attitude damn I wish I had it
But something bout winning makes the average man an addict
Fulfillment is a drug and I really gotta have it
I've trippin' of these failures I refuse to make a habit

But trying to chase my dreams is like Im trying to cast magic
Still I can't pull a hat out a rabbit, WAIT!
What am I saying?
Delirium is at it again
Let me tell you bout my mind where these things is happenin in

I'm puttin my all in
Workin them long nights
Running away from wrong so we can alright
OUT!-- the park I hit it
The left leg move when the right brain permit it

And I just said that line just to see if yall listened
I do this for the love there's other condition
The struggle make you strong, teach you how to start winning
If your dreams is on the run then you better go and get it


You Should forget about the moon and just focus on the stars
You Say you wanna go far
Then recognize what you are

They Say the sky is the limit so,
You gotta fly just to win it
Have no doubt searchin'
While you're cloud surfin'

Verse 2

I'll hit you with no delaying so what the hell you saying
The mountain I gotta climb's as big the Himalayas and Im merely at the summit
With a minimum budget,
Im strappin' for the cash attempting to make a nothing
Blossom into a something
Opposition is frontin'
They showing me they spine but smile at me while in public
And while I ride on this subject
My style's bout as rare as a unicorn riding the subway that's why im buggin

Time for some action
Watch me move forward with this backflip
Cozy like a cactus
Mind running faster than a flash kick from Guile Uppercut a hater like a Rising Dragon
My imagination's crazier than crazy is I'm sayin crazy shit, just to say I did
Moral of the story, don't let em say you're worthless
The Sky is the limit we should all be cloud surfin! YES!

Track Name: BizzaroHaro
Verse 1

Woke up this morning
And got a vision
Something Inside of me told me Lexx you gotta kill it

Back to the drawing board
Stylus to papyrus more,
Devising 'till my mind gets sore
Work it like a muscle or,

Turn it to a power call me storm
A brain with a Pinky by my side to rule the world,
Like Nas and Lauryn Hill, Jack and Jill fell I learned from their mistakes,
Call me Hank, As I turn into the Mother Fucking King of it!

The King of this! This shit so serious
I put my all,
In everything I live-- FOR
So what you want?
Take me for every little thing I got?
Call me a weirdo and watch me flop?!
Just 'cuz I'm trying to re-invent my spot?

Shout out to Krystol
And to my niggas
This one's for all of yall without you I'd be finished
To the haters here's a statement
You can never ever ever ever ever be me


Its on tonight
I just can't get enough
Don't turn my buttons off
I'm tryna turn it up

Lets get a little crazy
This music got me buzzed
Take off your cool and burn it up come on and show me love!

-Who dat? who dat? who dat? (He's buggin out again!) (x4)

Verse 2

Its a miracle I'm making music now
Cuz I aint gotta studio to put the records down
I got tired of the lies and getting the run around so I,
Took it upon myself to put it out

Got with a couple people who feeling the same way
Who live on the same page and doin the same things
And enter a new age,
A gifted mutha fucka with the hunger of a starving lion caged!

First of all I'm tryna live my life
To understand you gotta feel my plight
Fought depression had to curb my rage

I took it to the heart I had to deal with the pain
I'm stayin' true to myself nigga bump the scams
Ignore the haters, its time to jam
That's why I put my all in everything that Im sayin'

I'm doin this for real and they thinkin' I'm playin

Take your life into your hands
Don't let people foil your plans
Grab that dream and tie it to a rocket put it in the air

Stretch your arms extend your reach
Go for the stars it'll set you free

Track Name: The Sun Shines @ Night
Verse 1

Fate I am tired of the blindfold
I need and answer tell the where the fuck will I go?
In the morning tryna figure where the night goes
Arthur to excalibur the pen is my knight sword

The duality of man
conflicting in emotions, and perfectly imperfect
We represent the peace and the war as a person
The Olive branch offering the eagle with the serpent

The bringers of disturbance
The sick and twisted murders to the nurturers and herders of humanity you heard em'
Gaza to Bahamas, Comdies to dramas the society we livin in the world is dichotomous
Got me feeling heavy like a fuckin hippopotamus,
Raining from the ceiling, I start to lose consciousness
The colors changing colors
And people turn to monsters, your best friends and siblings stick you up and try to rob ya'

And its happened to me a couple of times
Repeat offenders different hidden agendas
Overwhelming pretenders, they ninjas behind a disguise
Give you a gift and take it back, what a surprise
But I, know that karma's a bitch, and when that bitch is on her period she's evil as shit

So in this life i learned what you put in then out it you get
So Ima keep it positive until my dreams manifest, yes!


From the ground to the sky
East to West
Yin to the Yang, front to back
All the colors and the sounds have made a pact
To the world, I present, the Shades Of Black

Verse 2

Young women having babies at a young age
Young men being targeted by gun play
Thug play, drug play, the worst way
And the trap's where they keep em in the first place

Young women being targeted by strip clubs
Pimps up hoes down, is this love?
Young mean being fatherless to daughters
And sons inadvertently will follow in they fathers...
Footsteps or shadow?

An uphill battle will they lead the way or follow?
Sheppard or the cattle?
Walk the greener pastures or the slaughterhouse Paddle
Wade in the water little children, and grab hold!

Despair no longer, you fight and get stronger
You make yourself an offer
You quit being a talker and become a better walker
Think about it now, its funny how your actions speak louder than your mouth
Shit is real


From the earth to the moon
The planet stars
The darkness collides with the stars so bright
And the scenery changes from death to life
Thats what happens, when the sun shines @ night
Track Name: The.GoodLIFE

Been through it all
Rises to to falls
Now im lookin for my break

Blood sweat and tears
Seconds to the years
But do I have what it takes?

In my head and my soul,
There's something that I gotta know?
So what are you living for?
(The GoodLIFE)
What are you wishin' for?
(The GoodLIFE)

Verse 1

I try to turn my reveries to memories
Forgivin all my enemies
Improve on my inequities
And try to be a better me , reflectin' like a mirror when the sun hits thinkin
All I want is nothin but the best for my children
And they aint even born so im opposite of chillin
Workin hard to materialize a touchless vision

Sittin' at the bottom on the underground trippin like
Its time to get some shine so get to work and start diggin'
Dig me?
Atmospheric dreams got me lifted
The live night lights
Early morning flights
Overseas life
Release party hype
The Source five mics
I ain't got it so I'm livid

Liquid, magma, spittin, gifted
Unwrap this and listen
And become a witness to greatness
I aint lyin climbin higher spittin fire through these wires
Tryna rise in my existence good Livin


Verse 2

I wanna wake up in exoctica
Or the south of france
Japan Tokyo, spend a couple of Yen
Back home Jamaica, Spendin time with the Fam
And all that bullshit, can blow away with the fan

I..Am..On my F to the U
C K the world no R to the U
B B E R, livin' in monotony gon' put me in the ER
So I follow my dreams so I don't have to see the D R
Period you get it?

Prayin for the plentiful
Blessed life with plenty
Of real estate stocks, cash money fuck a penny
Fuck a nine to five
Fuck a boss SCREW EM ALL

I've been through the struggle now its time for me to ball
Game buzzer three-pointer hope I get it off,
I said game buzzer three pointer hope I get it off

Track Name: My.World

When the sound goes down my dreams they take flight
And when they push me down believe I'm gon' fight

Verse 1

All I gotta do is put my thoughts to the paper
And that paper to a stage, use that stage in my favor
God im askin for a favor help me inspire the world
Im just, tryin to provide a better living for my girl and family

Depression been tryin to make me manic see
Cuz I feel like ive been giving my music to a bunch of mannequins
Its about time yall take my artistry seriously before I lose my mind
And blow up the planet literally

Lyrically bang your head if you feelin me
I do this for the love Im workin hard to infinity


When the sound goes down my dreams they take flight
And when they push me down believe I'm gon' fight

This is my world and every single thing in it
Ima make this my world and everything in it


Verse 2

These other rappers have no game
This is Sigmund Freud when he would study on Cocaine
This is Clarence Green when he was touchin on your, brain
I am the equivalent of a needle to your vein

Diamonds in your chain? But are they conflict?
Picture machettes make you look for where your arm is?
Picture a child rebel fighting for the army
Searchin for the kid in him
Killin for a promise

Those are the type of people that I want this song to hit
My inspiration comes from pain
Sore/Soar, Like a muscle or an eagle pick your paint,
Brush create a vivid testimony change the game

Trust man Im on it, I just needed my moment
Moment to make my mind clear like Aquafina water
Voltron is formin
Im killin this thing Lexx Black!

Came to give you everything he got and thats that!
Dreams Im finna face How can I turn my back??
Ima make it to the top of the mountain thats that!



Battle through it all Im a fighter Im a winner
I give it my all Im determined Ima get it

(Ad libs till the end)
Verse 1

Space ships , atomic bombs
Pots full of gold held by leprechauns
People sayin damn Lexx you goin offf
I'm jus sayin all this shit jus to throw them off
The edge , and basically its clear

They plummet to the summit to the sum of all they fears
While Im navigating high through the sky see me steer
In a futuristic charter jet that quantum leaps the yeaars
wierd but it's beaatiful a square like a cubicule
I can turn my words to a spear and get them through to you
Penetrating levels that a shovvel couldn't dig you to
They audibles deplorable I eat em like a dinner food.

Who is it Im talkin to?
Follow me I'll follow you,and if you aint down with what I'm doing, I won't bother you.
Im feelin odder than an empty zoo.
Or like water in a desert that im swimmin through
May, I, clarify somethin for my peeps, and,
Let you all know just what I'm think-ing

Im opposite of perfect, given a shitty hand from my fam like I'm worthless,
Only a couple people have baack in this world+and,
I would give em my all so to give up isn't worth it
I switched the flow from crazy shit to gettin personal.
Feel liike my life is gettin taped just like the Truman show


Me Fall?
Naw, never that!
You Don't like it
Well too bad

I work too damn hard
Just to be where I'm at
A king of my own mind
How you like it like that?

King of my own mind how you like it like that (x2)

How you like it like that
Put your hands in the air If you like it like that

Verse 2

Seldom Im ever heard and seldom Im ever found
I can be in the attic or hidden under the ground
But every second the pass I giving a little sound
Thats giving people the count
Of things thats finna go down

You start your panicking now
Your searching frantically quickens
You're twitching with every sound, huh?

Who am I? You still aint figure out?
Well pay attention close, I'll do another round
Red wire, blue wire make your choice now
Cuz in ten more seconds Ima blow this place down

C 4 caliber, dangerous with matches
When I impact I smack, crack, and fracture ya'
Start a chain reaction 'for you even know what happens
When I do it to the maximum then everyone will notice

This is for the slow pokes
Listen as I spell this I'm the B O M B , ya!